How the biggest coaches approach the transfer market

  • Louis Van Gaal: *buys entire new squad, minus defenders*
  • Diego Simeone: I'll take him on loan, & him on loan, & oh yeah, this guy too. *gets into random fight*
  • Carlo Ancelotti: My squad is set, I don't need-- *Perez crashes through glass ceiling* "Hey Carlo, soooo I was out with some chicas & long story short I got us a new striker"
  • Jose Mourinho: Welcome our new player, he's 50, I coached him once 20 years ago.
  • Brendan Rogers: Have you never heard of him & is he under 24? Perfect.
  • Pep Guardiola: Buy a defender? This is just a concept of a small mind, we can all be defenders. Just watch, I will take this forward and convert him to defender.
  • Klopp: Go ahead, take my guys, idgaf, I'll just get new ones, I will never die, thiS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!
  • Arsene Wenger: hmmm...
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: I mean he's not even French...
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: *sighs*
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: Okay, maybe-- *transfer period is closed* oh thank god

Name: leonie
Birthday: november 28

Favourite number: 9

Height: 1.72m
Talents: um languages? i can learn them quite fast. and creative stuff.
Can you juggle: i was supposed to learn it… no.
Arts/sports/both: both! 
Do you like writing: yes
Do you like dancing: yes! i rarely ever do it though

Singing: i like it. i don’t think anyone likes it when i do. hehe.


Dream vacation: mix of city trip/relaxing. but mostly city trip with lots of historic stuff *o* 
Dream guy/gal: no clue
Dream wedding: the very cheesy classical variant actually
Pet: dog and/or rabbit

Dream job: something within the communications area at a big sports club


Favourite song: ”call it karma” by silverstein

Favourite album: aw there are so many… “when you’re through thinking, say yes” (yellowcard), “a little faster” (there for tomorrow), “we do what we want” (emery) or “in search of solid ground” (saosin) atm
Last song you’ve heard on the radio: i don’t remember
Least favourite song: ”happy” (pharrell williams)
Least favourite album: -
Least favourite artist: nickelback :-)


Guys/girls/both: guys
Hair Colour: idc

Eye colour: blue or brown
Humorous/serious: humorous, definitely
Taller/shorter: taller
Biggest turn off: being way too egocentric, bad body odour…
Biggest turn on: hmmmmmmmmmm… being passionate about something, charisma

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i only need like 1 thing to finish my application for amsterdam and i’m quite excited. and scared. but mostly excited. heeh

que bueno es ser

del madrid

al cielo