Wojciech, when you were in school as a kid, did you ever get in trouble with teachers for being a bit over-confident?

nac 2:5 ajax

27” - ricardo van rhijn
29” - kolbeinn sigþórsson (assist: nicolai boilesen)
38” - kolbeinn sigþórsson (assist: davy klaassen)
65” - joël veltman (assist: davy klaassen)
89” - kolbeinn sigþórsson (assist: davy klaassen)

watching ajax - nac highlights and jfc @ nac’s goalie

1. What language would you like to learn?

FINNISH or icelandic

2. Who was the first footballer you fell in love with?

steven gerrard tbh, but that’s waaaay back in the past

3. Favourite subject?

uh uh uh as in school? uni? in school it must have been english or pe :-)

4. A footballer you love that you didn’t think you would?

nemanja gudelj

5. What is your favourite League?

bundesliga definitely!

6. What’s your favourite type of weather?

thunderstorms, heavy rain (if i’m inside), sun or fresh snow (if i’m outside)

7. Where would you love to live?

not sure, i quite like germany hehe
i’ll be trying out the netherlands soon though :-)

8. A song you’re totally sick of hearing?


9. What was your favourite childhood movie?

"das fliegende klassenzimmer" *o*

10. How did you start watching football?

i have always been watching a little football because of my brother/dad, but it got a lot more after wc 2010!

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flying is so amazing though, like this morning i was in madrid and now i’m back home and it’s not even really afternoon

Song: UnknownSeparator
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Noah Gundersen - Separator